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Donor Testing Before Blood Donation

November 13th, 2012

Everyone who has donated blood once in their lifetime is aware about the procedure for blood donation. But there are many other facts related to it, which one may be unaware of. It is important to have awareness about facts associated with as a noble an act as donation of blood.

Before donating the blood, the blood is tested to check whether it is worth considering for transfusions and whether it is safe enough. Also, the blood type needs to be determined for blood transfusion. The blood types are universally categorized into O, A, B and AB and the donor’s Rh type is checked for antibodies. It should be known that there are different types of donations like blood donation and plasma donation. The type O is called the universal donor, meaning it can donate blood to every other group, but only subject to red cell transfusions. The plasma transfusions include type AB as the universal donor type.

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